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ISBN 0-7414-0077-4
Published by Infinity Publishing
Bryn Mawr, PA
Revised Edition - Published May 2008

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Fully Developed Claims (For First Timers)

Victims No Longer need to Prove Trauma (By Kelley Kennedy, Texas VVA Newsletter)

A Short Overview of PTSD and the Disability Process

Table of Contents

PART I : Defining the Problem

Chapter 1. History and Definition of PTSD

Chapter 2. Causes and Effects (Revised)

PART II: Treatment

Chapter 3. Traditional Treatment

Chapter 4. Non Traditional Treatment: Professionally Assisted

Chapter 5. Non Traditional Treatment: Self Help
Chapter 6. Medication

PART III: The Paperwork

The PTSD Personal Worksheet

Chapter 7. Working with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)(Revised)

  • Personal Experiences
  • SITREP 1967-68

    Chapter 8. Writing The Stress Letter

    Chapter 9. Primary Documentation Sources

  • Chapter 10. Letters, Forms, Notices and Statements

    Part IV. Moving On

    Chapter 11. The Past and Future


    A - Bibliography
    B - Glossary
    C - Statistics
    D - Veterans Service Organizations
    E - Documentation Sources - General
    F - Documentation Sources - Books
    G - VA Facilities: Hospitals, Clinics, Vet Centers
    H - Blank Forms
    I - Board of Veterans Appeals Pamphlet "Understanding the Appeals Process" (Complete Pamphlet - PDF format)
    J - Parts of 38 C.F.R., Federal Benefits Manual, & Manual M-2 References
    K- Guide for Submission of PTSD Research Request
    L - Index

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